Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Elder joins Owensboro Health provider team

One Health, a branch of Owensboro Health, recently announced that it had expanded it’s operation to include Webster County. Nurse Practitioner Regina Elder has joined the Owensboro Health system, offering clinic and primary care services to the people of Webster County from One Health Dixon, located in the same facility that once house Elder’s Hometown Care Family Health Clinic.

“My goal has always been to bring more health care opportunities to Webster County, for people to obtain healthcare close to home in our community, ” Elder said.

Elder is a veteran practitioner with more than 30 years of health care experience. Elder’s career in healthcare began at age 15 when she worked as a nurse’s aide. Elder then pursued education as a surgical tech and later worked her way through nursing school. She ultimately completed her nurse practitioner (APRN) certification in 2005 and has been practicing primarily in Webster County.

Elder completed her associate’s degree of nursing at Madisonville Community College, a bachelor’s of science in nursing from Murray State University and a master’s of science in nursing at the University of Southern Indiana.

She opened her clinic in Dixon in September of 2013.

One Health boasts 140 providers, representing 25 specialties from 15 locations in the tri-state area. The One Health Dixon will be the organization’s first location in Webster County.

One Health Dixon is located at 1871 US Hwy 41A Dixon, KY 42409. For more information, call 844-44-MY-ONE (844-446-9663).

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