Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fugitives captured in separate arrests on Monday

After two and a half months, law enforcement authorities have finally arrested a pair of fugitives suspected in a series of crimes across western Kentucky. According to law enforcement, Christopher Adam Sheridan, 31 of Clay, and Brooke Stevens, 34 of Clay, were arrested in separate incidents in two different states on Monday.

The ordeal began in early May when Webster County authorities began seeking Sheridan for a parole violation. Soon after, on May 11, Stevens was arrested in Crittenden County at the scene of a church burglary. Another suspect in the burglary, believed to be Sheridan, managed to evade authorities.

‘Vicious dog’ law might be upsetting to many

Law has been on the books since 2008
J-E Editor

Webster County Dog Warden Aaron Richmond is warning dog owners that many of them are currently in violation of county law. A little known county ordinance requires all ‘vicious dogs’ to be registered, spayed or neutered and kept either in a secured pen or indoors. Owners are also required to have a $100,000 homeowners liability insurance plan. Richmond said that most dog owners have done none of these things.

“The county put this ordinance into effect in 2008,” he explained. “Since then we haven’t had a constant, full-time dog warden in the county, and a lot of new people have moved into the county. Maybe people aren’t even aware of the ordinance. But we can’t just blatantly ignore the ordinance. That’s breaking the law.”