Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wedding Shower

Bridal Shower Honoring Sierra Stephens & Dusty Shoulders date Sunday March 1 time 2-4 at the Dixon Community Center. Everyone is invited. Shower given by Sherri Coakley, Samantha, Chrissie, Kelli and Sherry Duncan. Registered at Wal-Mart

KYTC Update: Road Crews to Pre-Treat roads starting today

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews across the 11 counties of District 2 plan to pre-treat area highways today.  Motorists should be alert for spray trucks and support vehicles on the road starting around 8:00 a.m., CST.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

District pursues grant monies

J-E Editor
Much of the talk at Monday night’s School Board meeting was about the availability of grant opportunities. Something that District Superintendent Dr. Rachel Yarbrough is very passionate about.

Conflict over polling place to push end of school to May 26th

Sebree Elementary unavailable for classes on Election Day

J-E Editor
Until last week’s snowfall, Webster County Schools were on track for a May 18, 2015 last day of classes, but 13 inches of snow changed those plans. Now district officials are eyeing a May 26 end date.

WC Behind the Badge: Chief Chris Evitts

J-E Editor
Everyday the people of Webster County are served by the members of our various local law enforcement agencies. From the city police departments to the Sheriff’s office and Fish and Wildlife officers, these men put their lives on the line every day so that we can be safe.
During 2015 the J-E will look to honor each of these officers by telling their story in the pages of our newspaper. Please, join us in thanking these officers for what they do.
Clay police chief Chris Evitts is used to small town life. He grew up in the city of Dawson Springs, and his parents operated a grocery store in small town of Charleston for years. Being a police officer was the last thing on his mind.

Monday, February 23, 2015


WC schools will be in session on Tuesday. Two hour delay, no A.M. Preschool.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

No School!

There will be no school in Webster County on Monday, Feb. 22, 2015. The school board will still meet Monday at 5:30 p.m.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

KYTC Update

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews across our 11 District 1 counties have been working to clear C Snow Priority Routes this afternoon. Several crews report having to deal with flooding issues, however, flooding was not as significant as expected due to lower rainfall totals.

We have had no highway closures due to flooding. The only significant flooding issue reported at this time is on KY 109 in Hopkins County. Water Over Road signs are up due to a water covered section between the 6 and 8 mile marker. This is between Dawson Springs and Providence.

Most District 2 highway crews expect to finish up salting and plowing operations in the next couple of hours. Most crews will have personnel on call and available to respond to emergencies or deal with flooding issues after 6:00 p.m., CST.

At this time only Christian and Caldwell crews expect to be working their C Snow Priority Routes on Sunday.

Motorists are asked to be alert for standing water on roadways. Cold temperatures through the night can turn that water to ice. Standing water can also cause a vehicle to hydroplane.

If you encounter a flooded section of highway that is not marked with Water Over Road signs, please take note of the specific location with mile markers, a crossroad, or other landmark, that will allow dispatchers to direct highway personnel to the location.

While temperatures are not expected to get above freezing until Tuesday or Wednesday, partly cloudy skies on Sunday could bring enough sunshine to help warm pavement temperatures.

Due to the extreme cold expected Sunday night and Monday night, hazardous driving conditions are likely to be with us for several more days.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Another rate increase for Clay residents?

City Auditor thinks so...

J-E Editor
Clay City Council heard result of the annual city audit last Tuesday night. The results of which showed the city’s water and sewer operating at a loss of $101,500.

Coal Blooded: As coal industry struggles, ARLP reports increases

J-E Editor
Despite the recent announcement that it’s Elk Creek Mine in Hopkins County would run out of coal in early 2016, Alliance Resource Partners, L.P. (ARLP), which owns both Dotiki and Sebree Mine in Webster County, continues to report good news company wide, including increased sales and production, and the doubling in size of it’s coal reserves. The latter could prove very benificial to local miners.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Statewide State of Emergency

In response to heavy snows and bitter cold across the Commonwealth in the past 12 hours, Gov. Steve Beshear declared a statewide emergency to allow local officials immediate access to state resources to assist in public safety and recovery efforts. 


Judge Executive James "Jim" Townsend has declared Webster County a local state of emergency.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

NWS: Update

Gov. Beshear: Kentuckians Need to Monitor Weather Reports, Exercise Caution

"The National Weather Service is forecasting a major winter storm in Kentucky, beginning late tonight and continuing Monday and into Tuesday, with projected accumulations of a foot or more of snow in many places. Kentuckians need to exercise care for their safety. I encourage all Kentuckians to stay on top of weather reports this evening and be prepared for extreme conditions tomorrow. That preparation would include keeping travel to a minimum and staying off the road entirely if possible. Our highway crews will be out in force but are likely to be hard-pressed just to keep interstates and other high priority routes cleared. Frigid temperatures, combined with the risk of becoming stuck in snow, will make for a potentially dangerous situation for travelers. Our first priority must be safety.” – Gov. Steve Beshear

Webster County Schools Closed

Webster County Schools will be closed on Monday, February 16.

KYTC prepares for several days of dangerous roads

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews across Western Kentucky are on alert and prepared to respond to a winter storm that expected to sweep across the region tonight and into Monday. The National Weather Service at Paducah has issued a Winter Storm Warning from 6 p.m., today, through 6 p.m., Monday, with accumulations in the 6 inch range for most of the area.

Due to extreme cold temperatures accompanying this system, motorists should be fulling prepared for hazardous driving conditions for about the next 3 to 4 days. The cold temperatures will mean a flat tire or dead battery that might normally be an inconvenience can become a life-threatening situation very quickly. If you plan to travel, even short distances, make sure you are fully prepared for the extreme conditions. Wear clothing appropriate for the temperature and weather conditions.

If you have an extended commute and feel compelled to try to make it to work, please consider planning to stay at a site closer to your workplace. You should also consider carrying emergency food and water supplies, as well as taking extra clothes in case you are unable to make it home.

The colder than normal temperatures create the opportunity for a very dry and fluffy snow. Combined with the wind, this provides an opportunity for drifting which adds an extra element of hazard to this event.

KYTC crews have pre-treated most highways across the region. That will help in the early hours of the event. Crews will be getting plows on the road fairly quickly as the snow starts to accumulate. However, once temperatures drop below about 18 degrees the salt and other ice-fighting chemicals being spread will have greatly reduced impact. That will severely limit the ability of highway personnel to improve driving conditions. This is likely to be an issue on the morning commute Monday.

Highway crews will be putting in extra effort on Monday in an attempt to get highways as clear as possible before overnight temperatures plumett on Monday night with lows getting down into the single digits through the week. Again, the extreme cold will provide another level of hazard for anyone who ventures out. Please be prepared.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

KHEAA Scholarship Contest

 A rising junior at one of Kentucky’s public or private high schools will win a $500 scholarship and a photo shoot at his or her school through the “Promote Your School” scholarship contest, sponsored by the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA).
To enter, the student must submit an essay about one of these subjects:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Raise the Road: Funding available for Slaughters Project

J-E Editor
According to information presented to the Webster County Fiscal Court earlier this month, the small but troublesome stretch of Highway 138 between the CSX railroad crossing and the city of Slaughters may be getting a complete overhaul soon. 

Board to disolve ‘sick leave bank’ program

J-E Editor
Webster County teachers may soon be losing out on one of their biggest benefits, the Sick Leave Bank. 
Under Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS) 161.155, school districts are required to provide all teachers and full time staff with at least 10 sick days during the school year. Those days are required to be allowed to accumulate, without limitation, and be credited to that employee. Schools are also required to establish a sick leave donation program, permitting teachers or employees to voluntarily contribute sick leave to other employees.

Suit filed against IDA in Sebree apartment matter

J-E Editor
In the latest development dealing with the development of an apartment complex near Sebree, area resident Leesa Ligett has filed suit against the Webster County Industrial Development Authority (IDA), it’s board members, JEM Development and Sebree Deposit Bank, claiming that the IDA’s October 21, 2014 decision to sell property to JEM violated KRS 61.820(2).

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sebree Council grants JEM sewer rights, raises water rates

J-E Editor
Sebree city council members approved a request on Monday night to grant a request from JEM Development to tap onto the city’s sewer line in the Industrial Park south of town in order to build an apartment complex on 16.426 acres near the compaction center.
City attorney Dorin Luck told the council that Mayor Ozzie O’Nan had asked him to look into the situation due to it’s controversial nature.

Refugees, Tyson and conflicting information???

J-E Editor
Since the public first became aware of JEM’s proposed apartment complex, a lot of information surrounding the project has made it’s way around the county. From quotes credited to a spokeswoman of the International Center of Kentucky cautioning residents about the health risk of Burmese immigrants, to whether or not Tyson Foods has any official involvement in the project, it seems that there is a lot of conflicting information out there. And a lot has been said about “Burmese Refugees”, while nobody really seems to know a lot about them or what the difference is between a refugee and an immigrant.

Creating a bird-friendly yard

Ever wonder why only the same half-dozen birds show up in your yard? Wish you could attract more?
 Birding expert and author Sharon Sorenson will visit the John James Audubon State Park Museum theater on Feb. 8, at 2 p.m. to answer these and many more questions about creating a bird-friendly yard at your home. Sorenson is a lifelong resident of Evansville, Indiana, and writes a column for the Evansville Courier & Press called “For the Birds.”

Providence to seek bids on demolition of historic ‘Big Hill’ water tower

J-E Reporter
Going, Going…..The final chapter of the Providence water tower is opening with Mayor Eddie Gooch announcing that it is officially out of service.  This after several months of debate, surveys and hope that the historic structure could somehow be saved, but ultimately no possible solutions could ensure its continued use in its current condition.  Mayor Gooch stated that all that is left to do is begin the process of arranging the bidding process, for demolition and removal. 

Much ado about nothing?

Sebree residents don't think so

J-E Editor
Sebree area residents wishing to block the development of an apartment complex in their area met with the Webster County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) last Tuesday night to express their concerns. But their pleas went unheeded, which in the eyes of the law may be the only way things could have gone.
With many among their group carrying signs reading ‘Vote No’, a handful of residents voiced their concern over a proposed apartment building, which is being developed by JEM Development, a company owned and operated by Sebree resident Mark Moser and his wife. Speakers voiced their concerns over various topics, including disease, over crowding at Sebree Elementary School and a lack of transportation. 

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