Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sebree Council discusses renewal of KU Franchise

J-E News Editor
Sebree City Council met in a very breif session on Monday night with only one item on the agenda.
That item is the pending experation of the city’s twenty year franchise agreement with Kentucky Utilities (KU). This is the agreement which allows KU to sell electric power within the city and allows the city to collect tax revenue from that sale.

Providence Council to adopt Title IV of Civil Rights Act

The Providence City Council met Monday evening with Mayor Eddie Gooch presiding.  
Council Members present were Keith Farrell, Tom Skinner, Doug Hammers, Scott Frederick and Delores Overby.  City Attorney Richard Peyton and Clerk Kay Travis were also present. Absent was Councilwoman Shannon Cole Layton.  Prior to the start of the meeting, the Mayor and Council members, who were all re-elected last month, were sworn into office for their next term.