Friday, June 17, 2016

McMain makes first court appearance, pleas innocent

Maxwell McMain, 19, of Union County, appeared in Union County court on Thursday, for arraignment in the June 5, 2016 vehicle accident that resulted in the death of Kaci Wood, 16, of Sebree.

District looks to save money with state funding cuts on the horizon

Money was the big topic of the night at Monday’s Webster County School Board meeting in Dixon.
After refinancing its 2008 series bonds, the board will be able to save around $510,000 over the next twelve years. Although that only works out to be an average of $40,000 per year, in the current cash strapped position Kentucky schools find themselves in, every dollar counts.

On the down side, superintendent Dr. Rachel Yarbrough told the board that the district expects to see a cut in the amount of funding they can use for preschool programs in the county.

“Webster County’s preschool allocation, along with all of those in the state, are expected to see a reduction,” she said.

According to Yarbrough, last year the district received $404,525 to fund its preschools, but as of right now it appears only $310,576 will be available for the next school year.