Friday, February 19, 2016

Legislation could raise age for tobacco use

by Matt Hughes
J-E Editor

Kentucky has traditionally been known for the export of four products: coal, tobacco, bourbon and race horses. While
the horse racing industry and bourbon business are booming in other parts of the state, coal and tobacco continue come under fire.

Everyone is aware of the situation facing the coal industry, but the issues facing tobacco in the Bluegrass state aren’t as well publicized. Considering Kentucky is second only to North Carolina in tobacco production, any news that affects the industry could be very important to local tobacco growers.

The real cost of the “War on Coal”

Part One of a three part series that looks at the impact of mine closings in the area

 by Matt Hughes
J-E Editor

Last week the Supreme Court of the United States  (SCOTUS) made the decision to freeze the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan regulations. Some call it a large victory in the War on Coal, but has the much applauded SCOTUS ruling come too late for Kentucky and other coal reliant areas?

“Today’s Supreme Court ruling is a huge win in the fight against Obama’s disastrous Clean Power Plan,” Governor Matt Bevin said on Thursday. “The Court’s decision to freeze these illegal climate regulations is a victory in our efforts to save our coal jobs and protect Kentucky families from skyrocketing energy prices. We will continue to challenge these regulations as the litigations continue in court.”

Kentucky is among a coalition of states challenging the EPA rules. On January 21, the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet joined with other states and stakeholders to submit comments to the EPA regarding the Federal Plan Requirements for Greenhouse Gas Emissions and implementation of the Clean Power Plan.