Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Veterans' Hunting Weekend

J-E Reporter

 Last weekend was all about the veterans, as Wild Pride Outdoors, in conjunction with Command The Wild TV, local JD Irelan and Watson Outdoors Adventures held their first annual Veterans Spring Turkey Hunt.

 Three veterans, from all four branches of the United States Military, were in attendance for the all-expense paid hunt.

To represent the Navy, Chuck Knox of Maryland; representing the Army, Air Force and Marines, Clarence Cushing of Illinois; and representing the Marines, Gather “Toppie” Warnsley, also of Illinois; were all brought down to Providence to experience several outdoor adventures.

Clay concerned about speeders

J-E Editor

According to talk at last week’s Clay City Council meeting, one of the major problems facing the city is speeding Several council members reported receiving complaints from residents about cars driving too fast down their street. Among the problem areas were:

Providence native named Marathon Maniac

J-E Editor

Last week, Providence native Jason Hughes earned the title of ‘Marathon Maniac’ by completing his third full marathon in just 66 days. He completed each of those 26.2 mile races in under four hours.

City to down Big Hill tank

 J-E Reporter
Citing reports of a water tower collapse in Shelby County last August, Mayor Eddie Gooch recommended the Council proceed with the demolition of the Big Hill Water Tower byaccepting the lowest bid for the project.  Although the August incident did not result in any injuries, several structures, including a church in the town of Waddy, KY were seriously damaged when the tower fell, releasing 100,000 gallons of water into a neighborhood there.
Mayor Gooch insisted that such a scenario in Providence would likely have a vastly different outcome, and with the spring weather bringing high winds, he asked the Council to proceed.