Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Clay concerned about speeders

J-E Editor

According to talk at last week’s Clay City Council meeting, one of the major problems facing the city is speeding Several council members reported receiving complaints from residents about cars driving too fast down their street. Among the problem areas were:

•College Street
•Kentucky Avenue
•Taylor Street
•The City Park
•Vick Street
Council members are concerned with how to approach the situation. The streets in question make it hard for local police to enforce the speed limit, because anywhere Chief Chris Evitts parked to monitor traffic would make his cruiser easily visible to speeders, who would slow down.

One option the city is considering is getting the license plate numbers of cars seen speeding through town so that those drivers can be contacted by Chief Evitts. While this might not be as much of a deterrent as getting caught in a traffic stop, the hope is that it will make drivers think before they break the speed limit.

Another item the council discussed was closing the road through the park. The city has fielded several complaints of vehicles traveling too fast, especially in the area near the tennis courts. If that persists, blocking off the road may be their only option.
Several properties in the city have been turned over to city attorney Ben Leonard, who will be sending letters to the owners. Complaints varied from tall grass and needing to be cleaned to a fire damaged and unsafe house that has been left unsecured and abandoned.

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