Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sebree Council grants JEM sewer rights, raises water rates

J-E Editor
Sebree city council members approved a request on Monday night to grant a request from JEM Development to tap onto the city’s sewer line in the Industrial Park south of town in order to build an apartment complex on 16.426 acres near the compaction center.
City attorney Dorin Luck told the council that Mayor Ozzie O’Nan had asked him to look into the situation due to it’s controversial nature.

Refugees, Tyson and conflicting information???

J-E Editor
Since the public first became aware of JEM’s proposed apartment complex, a lot of information surrounding the project has made it’s way around the county. From quotes credited to a spokeswoman of the International Center of Kentucky cautioning residents about the health risk of Burmese immigrants, to whether or not Tyson Foods has any official involvement in the project, it seems that there is a lot of conflicting information out there. And a lot has been said about “Burmese Refugees”, while nobody really seems to know a lot about them or what the difference is between a refugee and an immigrant.

Creating a bird-friendly yard

Ever wonder why only the same half-dozen birds show up in your yard? Wish you could attract more?
 Birding expert and author Sharon Sorenson will visit the John James Audubon State Park Museum theater on Feb. 8, at 2 p.m. to answer these and many more questions about creating a bird-friendly yard at your home. Sorenson is a lifelong resident of Evansville, Indiana, and writes a column for the Evansville Courier & Press called “For the Birds.”

Providence to seek bids on demolition of historic ‘Big Hill’ water tower

J-E Reporter
Going, Going…..The final chapter of the Providence water tower is opening with Mayor Eddie Gooch announcing that it is officially out of service.  This after several months of debate, surveys and hope that the historic structure could somehow be saved, but ultimately no possible solutions could ensure its continued use in its current condition.  Mayor Gooch stated that all that is left to do is begin the process of arranging the bidding process, for demolition and removal. 

Much ado about nothing?

Sebree residents don't think so

J-E Editor
Sebree area residents wishing to block the development of an apartment complex in their area met with the Webster County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) last Tuesday night to express their concerns. But their pleas went unheeded, which in the eyes of the law may be the only way things could have gone.
With many among their group carrying signs reading ‘Vote No’, a handful of residents voiced their concern over a proposed apartment building, which is being developed by JEM Development, a company owned and operated by Sebree resident Mark Moser and his wife. Speakers voiced their concerns over various topics, including disease, over crowding at Sebree Elementary School and a lack of transportation. 

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