Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Providence to seek bids on demolition of historic ‘Big Hill’ water tower

J-E Reporter
Going, Going…..The final chapter of the Providence water tower is opening with Mayor Eddie Gooch announcing that it is officially out of service.  This after several months of debate, surveys and hope that the historic structure could somehow be saved, but ultimately no possible solutions could ensure its continued use in its current condition.  Mayor Gooch stated that all that is left to do is begin the process of arranging the bidding process, for demolition and removal. 

All council members, with the exception of Scott Frederick were in attendance.  After the opening prayer was offered by councilman Doug Hammers, Clerk Kay Travis read the previous minutes which were approved. 
In response to a concern of a resident last month regarding the strong smell of the additive used in the natural gas line just South of town, Mayor Gooch informed the council that city crews have placed an order for a neutralizing agent that will reduce, or eliminate the smell, but in the meantime they have completed a thorough cleaning of the area to cut down on the problem until it arrives. 
Approval was also granted for City Clerk Kay Travis to attend the 2015 Spring Conference of the KY Municipal Clerks Association in April.  Mayor Gooch submitted the Police activity report for January, as follows:  6 collisions; 176 complaints; 10 verbal warnings; 1 felony arrest; 8 misdemeanor arrests; 2 criminal/drug investigations; 38 special details; 14 officer assists; 2 motorist assists; and 7 others.  
The next scheduled meeting of the Council will be February 16, at 7:00 P.M

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