Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Providence Fire Department short staffed

J-E News Editor
The Providence Fire and Ambulance service has struggled through the holiday season shorthanded. At full staff the department would have a complement of 10 full-time  firefighter/ambulance crew members on staff, but currently the department is working with just four. There have been days in the last few months where that number has been as low as two.
This is particularly troublesome considering that regulations require two crew members on an ambulance.

Library scores high in statewide rankings

J-E Editor
While the local school system is concerned with the literacy of local students, our local public libraries have been doing their part at promoting reading throughout our local communities. In fact,  according to the 2014 Statistical Report of Kentucky Public Libraries, the Webster County Public Library placed in the top ten in three categories against all 119 library systems in the state.
The report provides a top ten and bottom ten ranking for 16 categories that rate all public libraries in the Commonwealth against their counterparts.