Friday, January 10, 2014

Police Beat features safety articles from local fire fighter/EMT

Be sure to check out our Police Beat section for the latest safety tips from our guest columnist Alexander J. Zielinski. 
Mr. Zielinski is a caareer fire fighter and emt working with the Providence Fire Department. He has published articles with a number of other sources, and has only recently come on board to help The Journal-Enterprise offer you safety tips through the online version of our Police Beat section.
Here is a sample of his latest article:

Preventing fires in your home, a small battery can save your life

by Alexander J. Zielinski 
Fires can happen at any time, day, month. In the U.S. someone dies in a house fire every three hours, these deaths can be prevented. It is important to take steps to reduce your risk for fire but also have a plan of action should a fire happen. Should a fire occur in your residence it is important to call 911 immediately. Remember, it takes time for firefighter to arrive on scene and fire has the potential to double in size in minutes. While it may be a fire that you can extinguish with a home fire extinguisher it is never too small to call the fire department. If you are unable to stop the fire the emergency responders are that much closer arriving at the fire than if you had waited to call.  
There are simple things that you can do to prevent fires in your home and focus on the common causes of household fires.