Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Veterans' Hunting Weekend

J-E Reporter

 Last weekend was all about the veterans, as Wild Pride Outdoors, in conjunction with Command The Wild TV, local JD Irelan and Watson Outdoors Adventures held their first annual Veterans Spring Turkey Hunt.

 Three veterans, from all four branches of the United States Military, were in attendance for the all-expense paid hunt.

To represent the Navy, Chuck Knox of Maryland; representing the Army, Air Force and Marines, Clarence Cushing of Illinois; and representing the Marines, Gather “Toppie” Warnsley, also of Illinois; were all brought down to Providence to experience several outdoor adventures.

Thursday night was for bowfishing, and Clarence Cushing was taken on his first bowfishing excursion. Cushing demonstrated some of the skill he acquired in his 29 years, across three branches of the military, when he was able to reel in a fish on his first shot.

After a night spent at the residence of Ryan Watson of Providence, the veterans were taken on a coyote hunt Friday night. Watson said they had little luck that night, “We never even heard any until we got back to the house”.

Saturday was the big day, as Turkey season opened in Webster County. Prepared with new gear from several sponsors, local and abroad, the veterans took out early Saturday morning to find a bird to bring home.

After hours in the brush, shots rang across the county.
One shot was rang out by 10 year veteran Chuck Knox, as he dropped a bird from 25 yards away.

Gather Warnsley, a 4 year Marine veteran, rang out several, as the elusive turkey retreated from their hunting spot.

Looking back on video footage, Darryl Perry of Perry Twins Outdoors mentioned that “the eyesight of the turkey is just phenomenal”. The bird had spotted the hunters.

Clarence Cushing had no such luck Saturday. At one point Cushing mentioned that after the excursion he was headed to the nearest zoo. Perhaps they would have a turkey.

The Watson residence was buzzing Saturday, regardless of the day’s spoils. Laughs rang out over a hunters’ breakfast of biscuits, gravy, eggs, and bacon; as they prepared to go out once again Saturday night.

“In the end, it’s all about giving back to those who were willing to give their all for us”, Ryan Watson said Saturday. “They had a blast”.

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  1. A big thank you to all of the guys from WILD PRIDE OUTDOORS, Including Jared Baker from Illinois who was able to round up a lot of donations to help pay for the Veteran's weekend