Saturday, February 21, 2015

KYTC Update

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews across our 11 District 1 counties have been working to clear C Snow Priority Routes this afternoon. Several crews report having to deal with flooding issues, however, flooding was not as significant as expected due to lower rainfall totals.

We have had no highway closures due to flooding. The only significant flooding issue reported at this time is on KY 109 in Hopkins County. Water Over Road signs are up due to a water covered section between the 6 and 8 mile marker. This is between Dawson Springs and Providence.

Most District 2 highway crews expect to finish up salting and plowing operations in the next couple of hours. Most crews will have personnel on call and available to respond to emergencies or deal with flooding issues after 6:00 p.m., CST.

At this time only Christian and Caldwell crews expect to be working their C Snow Priority Routes on Sunday.

Motorists are asked to be alert for standing water on roadways. Cold temperatures through the night can turn that water to ice. Standing water can also cause a vehicle to hydroplane.

If you encounter a flooded section of highway that is not marked with Water Over Road signs, please take note of the specific location with mile markers, a crossroad, or other landmark, that will allow dispatchers to direct highway personnel to the location.

While temperatures are not expected to get above freezing until Tuesday or Wednesday, partly cloudy skies on Sunday could bring enough sunshine to help warm pavement temperatures.

Due to the extreme cold expected Sunday night and Monday night, hazardous driving conditions are likely to be with us for several more days.

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