Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fugitives captured in separate arrests on Monday

After two and a half months, law enforcement authorities have finally arrested a pair of fugitives suspected in a series of crimes across western Kentucky. According to law enforcement, Christopher Adam Sheridan, 31 of Clay, and Brooke Stevens, 34 of Clay, were arrested in separate incidents in two different states on Monday.

The ordeal began in early May when Webster County authorities began seeking Sheridan for a parole violation. Soon after, on May 11, Stevens was arrested in Crittenden County at the scene of a church burglary. Another suspect in the burglary, believed to be Sheridan, managed to evade authorities.

Stevens was released from jail on bail, but did not appear in Crittenden District Court for a scheduled arraignment.

From that point Sheridan and Stevens are believed to have been responsible for a string of crimes that in a four-county area. Those crimes are believed to include burglary, the theft of firearms and the theft of multiple ATVs in Caldwell, Crittenden, Webster and Hopkins counties. There has also been at least one report of the suspects threatening an individual with a firearm.

The pair’s life on the run began to unravel on Saturday when they were spotted in Providence. An eyewitness alerted the Providence Police Department that Sheridan and Stevens were a S&S Salvage attempting to sell a load of copper. The suspects fled before police could arrive. Later that day a report was filed with PPD that the license plate had been stolen off of a vehicle that belong to the Providence Church of Christ, which is located in the vicinity of S&S.

On Monday, Evansville police spotted a vehicle at the corner of Mulberry St. and Weinbach that matched the description of a vehicle that had been reported stolen from southern Illinois. When they ran the license plate, it was the one reported stolen from Providence.
The stolen vehicle led EPD on a chase that lasted around ten minutes, ending when the vehicle crashed into a flooded field on Waterworks Road. Sheridan attempted to escape by swimming across the field, but were quickly apprehended by law enforcement.

A passenger in the truck, Jan Michael Birdwell, 30 of Henderson, was not charged.
Sheridan will appear in Vanderburg County Court before being extradited to Webster County to face charges here.

Monday night, Providence Police Chief Brent McDowell received a tip that Stevens was seen in a vehicle on Center Street in Madisonville. McDowell notified MPD, who located Stevens and took her into custody. MPD would not comment on the details of the arrest without an official open records request, which could take several days to process.

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