Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dog Shelter to team up with Pet Smart

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Dog Warden Aaron Richmond told the Webster County Fiscal Court last week that the dog shelter will soon be teaming up with PetSmart Charities’ Rescue Waggin’, a national transport program that transfers homeless dogs and puppies from communities with high dog populations and high euthanasia numbers to communities with exceptional adoption rates.

“They said they are willing to take 15 to 20 dogs per month,” Richmond reported.
That is a large number of adoptable dogs that will be leaving the area, but Richmond said that adoption rates from the Webster County Dog Shelter aren’t where they need to be.

“If were saving the life of a dog, it doesn’t matter if the dog is here or somewhere else,” added Magistrate Chad Townsend.

In order for the county to participate in the program, PetSmart will require the county enforce one ordinance that it already has on the books. When a dog is adopted, all new owners will be required to have the animal speyed or neutered before taking ownership. That has been the law in Webster County for some time, but not all owners have abided by it.

For the last year, the county has been charging $90 for all dog adoptions. For that $90 owners are given a voucher for their dog to be speyed and neutered at one of the local animal clinics at no extra charge. Many owners took their dog home and never took care of having the surgery conducted.

Under the new program, owners will not be able to take possession of the dog until after the procedure is completed.

The county is looking to see if the ordinance is okay as it is, or if they will need to make a change in order to require the procedure be done before adopting the dog out.
Another part of the program will be requiring the county to pay for each dog that goes into the program to receive $49.73 in shots and medical expenses. However, the cost of those expenses will be reimbursed to the county.

With unanimous approval form the magistrates, Richmond will finalize everything with PetSmart, and the program can take the fist shipment of dogs in October.

Rescue Waggin’ reports having saved over 80,000 dogs from euthanasia since the programs began in 2004.

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