Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dixon discusses splash park grant

J-E Editor

On Friday, the Dixon Commission held a public hearing to discuss a Land & Water Conservation Fund  (LCWF) grant members recently decided to pursue.
If awarded, the city intends to use the funds to build a ‘splash park’ and to replace old bleachers at existing city sporting facilities.

“The LWCF is funded federally program via the National Parks Service; and is administered in Kentucky by the Governor’s Department for Local Government (DLG),” said GRADD representative Brad Alley. “The LWCF is a 50-50 matching reimbursement grant. In other words, if the City of Dixon is applying for a $50,000 grant for a splash park and it is funded, the city is responsible for half, or $25,000; with the grant covering the other $25,000.”

The LWCF provides federal grant funds to protect important natural areas, acquire land for outdoor recreation and to develop or renovate public outdoor recreation facilities such as campgrounds, picnic areas, sports and playfields, swimming facilities, boating facilities, fishing facilities, trails, natural areas and passive parks.

Grant proposals, which are due in on April 30, must be between $5,000 and $75,000. The city of Dixon is eyeing $50,500 for their project.

City Clerk Peggy Poole said that at Friday’s meeting, the city presented a petition with 632 signatures in favor of the project.

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