Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fiscal Court meets in brief session

by Matt Hughes
J-E News Editor
The Webster County Fiscal Court met in a brief session on Monday with all magistrates present.
At the request of County Clerk Valerie Newell, the court approved the Clerk’s Budget to Annual amount for 2013.

“This is something the auditors have asked all of the county clerks to start doing,” Newell told the court. “In a few minutes you’ll have the chance to approve my 2014 budget, but first they want you to approve my actual budget from last year.”
The Clerk’s budget for 2013 was $2,852,100, but the final amount was slightly higher, coming to $3,010,000. The change was approved unanimously.
For 2014 Newill submitted a budget of $2,902,100, which was also approved.
Sheriff Frankie Springfield budget was submitted and approved for 2014 in the amount of $445,075.
Judge Executive Jim Townsend told the court that the construction crew was in the process of finish the Blackford Bridge on Monday. Any surplus material will be stored at the county road department garage in Dixon.
Magistrates had a number of road problems to discuss during the road request portion of the meeting.
“I’ve had a number of people talk to me about White Lick Road,” said Magistrate Chad Townsend. “We did some chip and seal work out there. They’ve asked that we go out there and sweep the excess rock off the road.”
Magistrate Jerry “Poogie” Brown reported that the edge of T.H. Powell Road was starting to wash out.
“Could there be an old tile under the road?” asked Chad Townsend.
“There could be an really old tile under the road,” Brown confirmed.
Townsend also reported that Vonnie Hearrin Road would be in need of some spot grading once the weather clears up.
In other business, the court voted to declare a 1999 Ford pickup used by the road department as surplus. That vehicle, previously used to pick up litter, will be salvaged by the county for spare parts.

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