Sunday, January 10, 2016

Snow Update

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews are making progress in their attack on snow accumulated from a line of intense snow squalls that rolled across the region overnight. 

Strong bands of snow embedded in the system caused the snow to accumulate quickly and overcome warm pavement temperatures that initially melted snow in the early hours of the event Accumulations ranged from about two inches along the Ohio River border counties to just more than a dusting along the Tennessee border counties. 

In the early hours the heavy wet snow kept tow truck drivers busy after it put a more than a few vehicles off the road, particularly along major routes. 

Motorists who plan to travel in the early hours of Sunday morning are reminded to slow down and use appropriate caution. 

Highway crews were unable to pre-treat roadways for this event to rainfall prior to the arrival of snow. 

Crews are making good progress. However, almost all highways are snow covered to some degree. Traffic has been light and that has assisted crews. Most counties are transitioning from "A" Priority Routes to the "B" and "C" Priority Routes. Accumulation ranges from a bit more than dusting in the southernmost counties to more than 2 inches along the Ohio River in Union County. Main routes are mostly wet pavement. Temps are dropping creating the opportunity for re-freezing. Temps are currently in the 25 to 27 degree range depending on location. Snow is moving out of the district along a line from about Bowling Green, KY, to about Hawesville. Crews will welcome some assistance from sunshine at daybreak that should help to warm pavement temperatures and activate salt that has been spread. 

Treating: Caldwell, Christian, Daviess, Hancock, Hopkins, Muhlenberg 

Plowing & treating: Henderson, McLean, Union, Webster 

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