Thursday, July 9, 2015

Snyder appointed as Director of Public Works

J-E Reporter

The Providence City Council met Monday evening with Mayor Eddie Gooch presiding. 
Council Members present were Keith Farrell, Tom Skinner, Doug Hammers, Scott Frederick and Delores Overby.  City Attorney Richard Peyton and Clerk Kay Travis were also present. Absent was Councilwoman Shannon Cole Layton.  

After the opening prayer by Councilman Frederick, minutes of the regular meeting from June 15th, and a called meeting on June 22nd were read by City Clerk Kay Travis and approved by the council.  The called meeting was to hear 2nd readings of the following ordinances:
•2015-03, authorizing the formation and establishment of a Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency passed with an “all aye” vote; ordinance 2015-04 adopting the City of Providence’s annual budget for the year July1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 passed with an “all aye” vote
•2015-05 amending ordinance 2013-07 to amend and consolidate city regulations in providing utility services passed with an “all aye” vote.

In new business, Mayor Gooch suggested re-appointing Sue Jackson to the Housing Authority Board as her term has expired.  His recommendation was based upon her previous years of positive service.  Motion was made to accept and was approved.  Next, Gooch introduced Jack Snyder as new Director of Public works, replacing the outgoing director David May.  Snyder has served with the city for many years, and his promotion is a welcome addition to the team.

In regards to the past weekend Independence Day celebrations, Gooch praised the hard work of everyone involved.  Calling it “truly an entire City event” he acknowledged the diligent efforts of the office staff, public safety and works departments as well as the Tourism Board for helping to make the event bigger and better each year.

In other business, a resolution was also passed granting Mayor Gooch authority to manage the purchase of a new sanitation truck.  Although this purchase had previously been approved, with the bulk of the financing coming from the Webster County Fiscal court, this
formality was necessary to finalize the process.

Next, Councilwoman Overby shared complaints she had received from local residents about the use of fireworks in the weeks before, and continuing after the weekend celebration. This led to a discussion of how other municipalities have addressed the issue, and how the City might best approach the problem.  While the council agrees that they do not wish to take away from the fun and celebratory enthusiasm expressed by the use of fireworks during the 4th of July and New Year celebrations, they insist that when it crosses over into a public disturbance that it must be monitored.  City Attorney Richard Peyton will draft an ordinance for future reading.

Finally, in a public appeal, resident Ali Drake speaking on behalf of Ms. Ruby Jones, of the city, informed the council that due to an unknown odor in her home, she has been unable to  live in it for quite some time.  Mr. Drake described it as an extremely strong chemical smell that he hoped the city could help determine the cause in order to correct it and allow her to return to her home.  Mayor Gooch acknowledged his request and Public Works Director Snyder will visit the residence and perform several tests on the grounds and sewer lines under and around her home.

Meeting was adjourned with next meeting scheduled for 7:00 P.M on Monday, July 20th.

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