Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Providence parks vandalized

All members of the Providence Town Council were present Monday night for a regularly scheduled meeting. 

Eddie Gooch shared with the council reports he has received of vandalism at the City Park.  In one instance, it was discovered that all of the retaining nuts had been removed from the picnic tables. 
Other members of the council noted that they too, have received complaints that the City Park was being used for large parties and basketball games late into the night and early morning, not only disturbing nearby residents, but resulting in a very large amount of trash and litter left behind, while the trash collection barrels remained empty.  In another instance, the tennis courts at the Golf and Recreation Center were being used by skateboarders, which could cause damage to the recently re-finished surface.  As a result, the council moved to have new signs posted warning against such activities, as well as prohibiting access to the park after hours.  Additionally, security cameras will continue to be used as a method of identifying and prosecuting the culprits responsible for the damages.

Jon Garrett, Director of the Municipal Golf & Recreation Center, made a presentation seeking the approval of the council to upgrade the fleet of aging golf carts.  He brought with him Paul Curtis, a representative from Cunningham Golf carts.  Garret described the positive impact of having safer and more efficient carts for customers, as well as the dire need to have a sufficient number available in order to support local tournaments.  Councilman Keith Farrell was very thorough in questioning Garrett about the revenue generated through the use of the cart program, and the overall benefit to the facility. 

Garrett’s candid responses as well as Curtis’s detailed description of the lease program and improved features of the new equipment, not only won the council’s approval to proceed but will also result in a reduction of the monthly expenses compared to the previous program.
Mayor Gooch reminded city managers that their department budgets were due.

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