Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kids to College

J-E Editor
Webster County school, government and business leaders continue to push forward with plans to get the Webster County Kids to College (K2C) program off the ground. The program, which was announced last year, is aimed at making sure that every student in the county has the chance to go to college. The program still needs to collect another $250,000 in 2015 to stay on track.

“I would love to be able to tell every fifth grader in Webster County, you can go to college,” said Dr. Rachel Yarbrough, superintendent of Webster County School, at a recent Work Ready Committee meeting.
K2C currently has around $400,000 in it’s account, thats to donations from Webster County Economic Development ($250,000) and Dr. Judy Rhodes, president of Madisonville Community College, and her family ($100,000).
Madisonville Community College and Henderson Community Colleges are working togehter with K2C to make the program a success. Once money is available, all Webster County students who meet the criteria will qualify for scholarship monies to either community college.
The criteria to earn K2C money will be: 
•Students must obtain a 2.5 GPA yearly
•Students must achieve 95 percent attendance
•Students must graduate in eight consecutive semesters
•Students take more than the minimum credits required.
The K2C program has been developed based on the models used by other such programs in the surrounding areas, such as Braves 2 College founded by Union County businesses, Northwest Kentucky Forward, Union County Public School System and Henderson Community College or Colonels to College founded by Henderson Community College and the Rotary Club of Henderson.

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