Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dixon considers ‘splash park’, music festival

J-E Reporter

City of Dixon Commissioners met in a regularly scheduled meeting Monday night.  Mayor Carolyn Townsend opened by leading the Pledge of Allegiance.  Commissioner Terry Webb offered the invocation.
Recreational quality of life proposals dominated the meeting, beginning with Mayor Townsend outlining a grant request being drafted by Public Works Director Jamie Harkins for a “splash park” to be located at Baker Park.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of a splash park, it is defined as a pad, or spray pool for water play, that has little or no standing water. This eliminates the need for lifeguards as there is little risk of accidents associated with large public swimming pools.  An array of nozzles delivers a cool water spray, or mist over the deck resulting in a fun and cost effective way to beat the summer heat.  The proposed grant is for $40,000 and will be matched by the city if awarded.  The motion to proceed was approved.

A proposal by Mayor Townsend was also accepted for establishing a “discretionary fund” separate from the general fund, for the purpose of supporting an annual event tentatively named “Made in Kentucky”.  This event would be a music-inspired festival that showcases local and regional talent from throughout Kentucky.  Although very early in the planning stages, Mayor Townsend acknowledged that such an undertaking for the initial event would require a lot of resources.  She is hopeful that local volunteers, particularly those experienced in event planning might come forward and offer their expertise so that the festival might be ready by Fall of 2016.

Next, City Parks Board Chairman Scott Townsend made an appeal to the Commissioners to provide funding in the amount of $7,000 for the construction of a Disc Golf course to be established at Baker Park.  Disc Golf is an increasingly popular game patterned on regular golf but instead of clubs and golf balls, participants throw a flat, round plastic disc toward a suspended basket that serves as the goal.  Included in Townsend’s request was a provision to install specially designed swings in both Baker and Bourland Parks that will enable children with disabilities to better enjoy the playgrounds.  Citing recent cost-saving projects in the city budget near the amount being requested, the Commissioners whole-heartedly approved this request.

 Also approved was a request to support Project Graduation in the amount of $200.  City Attorney Ben Leonard’s advice that this was an acceptable and legal use of city funds that promote a “greater good” to the community’s safety and well-being cemented the commission’s approval. 

In closing, Mayor Townsend extended her invitation to the public to join her, the commission and city staff for an open house at city hall on May 11th, from 4 – 6 P.M. just prior to the next scheduled meeting.  Recent remodeling of the offices has really made it shine and is something Dixon residents can be proud of.  

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