Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chasing a dream...

Retired Webster County educator to make film debut

J-E Editor
Dr. E Carolyn Tucker is well known around the county as an educator and school board member. This spring she will be adding movie star to her list of credits when TPT Films releases their latest project, ‘The Colors of Emily’. 
“I’ve always wanted to act,” Tucker said. “Any time I had an opportunity to perform, I took it. I acted in high school in school plays.  Also, I produced, directed, wrote parts for my students - both in my Sunday School classes as well as my students in middle and high school and gifted/talented class.”

Tucker was proud to point out that many of her students had been successful enough at acting to be selected state champions in several categories (solo, duo, improve, interpretation of literature, story telling, etc.).
“Off the top of my head, Jan Hudson, Toby Brown, Jenny Parrish and Julie Oakley were some of the outstanding performers over the years,” she recalled.
When she retired from teaching, Tucker started writing, another of her passions. Through a writers’ group she met Michael (M.T.) Arnold, author of the book The Fire Catcher.
“He contacted me and asked me if I would consider a role in the movie he wrote and was producing,” Tucker said.
The role was that of ‘Grammy’ in The Colors of Emily.
“Kate Montgomery is an art buyer in search for her next great client, but when she discovers ‘blind’ artist Emily Burton, Kate’s forced to re-example her own life,” M.T. Arnold wrote on the movie’s IMDB page. “It’s through Emily’s paintings where Kate begins to realize that something spectacular is happening in this tiny little town, and perhaps even to herself. But is Emily holding the Colors to Kate’s masterpiece? Or, do we each paint our own pictures?”
The movie stars Jenn Gotzon as Kate. Gotzon is most known for her appearance as Tricia Nixon in Ron Howard’s Oscar-Nominated Frost/Nixon. She also played a waitress in 2003’s The Hulk.
The film will also feature Tucker’s granddaughter, Brookolyn Newton, who will play a young Kate Montgomery.
“I loved working with my granddaughter!” Tucker said. “We connect on such a deep level, the acting was just an extension of who we are. She is a true professional.”
The film’s director enjoyed working with Tucker so well that he invited her back for the open auditions for another movie he would be filming.
“In fact, the part in The Reins Maker, was written with the skills I have in mind - not specifically for me, but my skill set,” Tucker said.
Some scenes in the film will be shot at Tucker’s farm, which is located near the Tradewater River along the Webster, Crittenden and Caldwell County lines.. The movie will also feature both her granddaughter and her grandson.
“These movies are right from his heart,” Tucker said. “They are redemptive movies with a spiritual message.”

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