Wednesday, January 21, 2015

State DCBS offices consolidated

J-E Editor
The Kentucky Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) spent last week consolodating their two branches in Webster County into one centralized location in a move to cut state spending. According to DCBS, the move also creates efficiencies for staff and enhances convenience for clients. 
The Webster County protection and permanency office, which was at the corner of Broadway and Cedar in Providence, has moved to the same building as the county’s family support office in Dixon, across the street from the courthouse.
DCBS, part of the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, has social services offices in every county in the commonwealth. The staff provides both protection and permanency services, like child and adult safety casework, and assistance for families in areas such as food benefits and Medicaid eligibility screenings.
“With the lease to the Providence office expiring, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to renovate a space next to our existing Dixon family support office for our protection and permanency staff,” said DCBS Commissioner Teresa James. “This is a positive change for our staff and customers.”
James said the office in Dixon is closer to the Webster County courthouses and many offices of DCBS’ community partners.
Six staff members were moved to the Dixon location, bringing the total number of DCBS employees in that location 15.
DCBS customers and partner agencies have been notified of the office move.
Family Support contact information will remain the same, and protection and permanency contact numbers will change. Here are the current phone and fax numbers:
Division of Protection and Permanency
•Phone: 270-639-9337
•Fax: 270-639-5792 
Division of Family Support 
• Phone: 855-306-8959
• Fax: 270-639-9125

The address for both offices is 26 US Hwy 41A South, Dixon KY 42409.

 at 270-667-2068 or

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