Friday, January 23, 2015

KYTC working on roads across region

Ambient temperatures across the eastern and southern counties of KYTC District 2 have been hovering around the 32 to 33 degree range. Several heavy bands of snow within an area of mostly flurries have allow snow to accumulate to a point where it is having an impact on driving conditions in several counties.

Muhlenberg County was the first to report substantial accumulation. Rural secondary roads are reported as lightly covered. They have 5 trucks out salting and they are plowing in some areas with heavier accumulation.

Christian County reports rural secondary roads have become lightly covered with snow. They have five trucks out spreading salt. Main highways with ample traffic have remained mostly clear with occasional slushy spots.

Ohio County reports roadways are becoming slushy due to some light accumulation. They have trucks out spreading salt at this time.

The Hopkins County crew has just reported in the last hour. They have put 5 trucks on the road treating bridges, overpasses and potential trouble spots.

District 1 reports trucks are on the road in Trigg County where the snow bands have also generated enough volume for it to accumulate on road surfaces..

Motorists are asked to adjust driving speed to meet localized conditions. When heavy bands of snow start streaming over an area snow can accumulate fairly quickly, creating varied driving conditions mile by mile. Appropriate caution is required.

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