Wednesday, January 14, 2015

First meeting for new Mayor of Dixon

J-E Reporter
As the first regular meeting of the year was called to order, new Mayor Carolyn Townsend opened the session by welcoming new commission members Terry Webb and John Ramsey, and acknowledged the returning commissioners Junior Little and Jennifer Stone.  While not suggesting any big plans for the new term, Mayor Townsend expressed her excitement of working with the commissioners in achieving worthwhile small steps that will turn into big steps to benefit the residents of Dixon.   

After Commissioner Webb offered the invocation, motions to accept the minutes of the last meeting and current bills were approved.  In department reports, Public Works Director Jamie Harkins brought up his observation that water usage over the last two months from what is likely the Webster County Detention Facility, has been showing an unusual increase.   Since he has seen no visible sign of leaks, he suspects that an older meter that serves that facility may not be operating efficiently and he would like to replace it with a new one at an approximate cost of $1,800.00.   If that results in more accurate readings, Harkins suggested the commission might consider replacing all of the older meters, over time. Motion to accept his proposal to replace one meter was approved.   
In new business, Consultant Rod Martin provided a report for on-going water projects in the city.  Martin informed the commission that he had submitted his plans to the Commonwealth, for approval of a Clayton Avenue project.  He expects a positive response before the next meeting, and suggested the commission set a date to begin accepting bids at that time and they agreed.  Continuing with new business, Mayor Townsend submitted a proposal to renovate the interior of the city offices.  She pointed out that the last time any cosmetic work was done was in 1994, and she felt that updating the meeting area and offices would demonstrate pride in how the city is represented to visitors.  With much of the materials already on hand, the cost would be minimal.  Motion was made and approved to proceed.   
As required with the start of a new term, new appointments and local agreements 
were discussed, with Mayor Townsend appointing John Ramsey as Mayor Pro-tem, with the Commission’s approval.  As additional committees were approved, there was discussion in regards to forthcoming changes to the make-up of the Parks board.  Revised Kentucky statutes require some changes to the current composition of the board.  The first reading of the statutes was approved, with the second reading planned for the next meeting. 
Finally, Dixon Fire Chief Jeff Yates proposed that the commission declare as surplus a 1965 fire truck.  This truck has been in service to the city of Dixon, and many  other communities in and out of Webster County for 50 years but is no longer relevant to the needs of the department.  A discussion was held supporting the declaration as a surplus item, but the commissioners asked Chief Yates to seek first seek the best possible financial return for its final disposition.  Some of those considerations may include scrapping it at the recycling center, or opening a sealed bid process. 
Wrapping up the meeting, an announcement that a GRADD Hazard Mitigation Plan meeting set for January 15th, has been postponed to a later date to be determined.  
There were no public appeals, and the meeting adjourned.  The next scheduled meeting will be held on February 9th, at 6:00 P.M
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