Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Clay awards generator bid

J-E News Editor
Clay city council met in a special called meeting on Thursday night to make a decision on bids for an emergency generator for the new Clay Fire Department. 

The council approved a bid from Timmons Electric at their September meeting, only to hold an emergency session later that night to reverse their decision. After reviewing the bids, it appeared to council members that the one from Timmons was incomplete. The bid was only one page, and did not include specifications for the generator. It was also unclear at the time whether Timmons would handle installation of the gas lines or if that would be the city’s responsibility.
Because the bids have already been opened, the city was restricted on how it could proceed, basically finding themselves required to accept one of the two bids. Although the Timmons bid was lower, at $28,848, the bid from T&D Electric ($29,961) contained more details about the work that would be done.
“We’ve just recently went through this with the fire barn,” Mayor Rick Householder told the council. “We had to go verbatum by what the bid said. T&D has included everything that they are going to do, that way we can tell for sure what all will be done.”
Council members voted unanamously to award the bid to T&D Electric of Clay.
The generator is being purchased with a FEMA grant and must be installed before December 31, 2014.

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