Wednesday, October 22, 2014

AT&T donates $5,000 to Providence Food Bank

J-E News Editor
Since opening in 2012, the Providence Community Food Bank has relied heavily on donations and volunteers to help assist Webster County residents in need. Time and time again the community has come through for the organization, whether it be by lending a helping hand or by donating funds.
In the last week the organization has received three sizeable donations. The largest came on Monday, when a representative of one of the largest corporations in the state presented food bank director Chip Palmer with a check for $5,000.

“Representative Jim Gooch told me about the Food Bank and all of the people you have served,” said Sim Davenport, Regional Director of AT&T. “I went back and talked to AT&T about making a donation.”
According to Davenport, AT&T is the largest capital investor in both the US and Kentucky,
“This is one of the best food banks that I’ve ever seen,” he told volunteers on Monday. “You’ve got stores like Sureway sending you food. You’ve got people barbecuing and doing bucket brigades. You’ve got everyone in the community helping out, you are waiting for someone else to come along and fund you.”
“This Food Bank has been so important for so many people out there,” said State Representative Jim Gooch. “They say that the economy is improving, but a lot of people aren’t feeling that. They need the help they are getting from this group.”
In September the food bank provided meals to 954 individuals from 413 households.
Last week, local resident Bridget Brennan challenged Providence Mayor Eddie Gooch to walk 24 laps at Westerfield Park. On Saturday Gooch fulfilled that challenge, while Brennan and her ‘team’ completed a total of 60 laps. Everyone who took part in the challenge took donations for the Food Bank, raising a total of $500.
According to Food Bank Director Chip Palmer, students at Providence Elementary School held a ‘Penny War’ last week to raise money. At the end of that event the students had raised $1,700 which was donated to the food bank.

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