Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sebree Mine’s saftey director honored at state competition

J-E News Editor
Coal mine safety is something that miners take very seriously, especially in recent years. Chris Williams, the Safety Director at Sebree Mine, was honored at  the Kentucky Mining Institute’s (KMI) 74th Annual Meeting in Lexington, KY.
Miners from nine different states took part in the two day event, which included safety competitions in Rescue, Benchman, Preshift and First Aid.

Williams finished first in the Preshift Federal rules competition and first in the Preshift State rules competition, defeating 62 other competitors.
“Preshifters go into the mines before the miners start work,” Williams explained. “For the competition they set up a course with problems that the preshifters might encounter.”
Competitors have 30 minutes to complete the course. They are tasked with identifying safety issues, repairing those that they can fix and recording others to report later.

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