Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fiscal Court grants easement to Sebree Mining LLC

Approves final tax rates
J-E News Editor
Webster County Fiscal Court approved a thirty year easement on Monday for Sebree Mining LLC, an Alliance Resource Partners owned mine. 
That easement will allow for the construction of a overland ‘gob’ belt between the mine and property the company owns on the opposite side of the Pennyrile Parkway. For the last several years the mine has been relocating gob - a waste product left over when the coal is washed - at a site along the eastern side of the parkway.
Within thirty days of the court’s approval, Alliance expects to start construction on a new belt line. That belt will cross 15 feet above New Steamport Road, go under the Pennyrile Parkway and then cross over Highway 370.
In other business, magistrates voted to declare a house on North Finley in Providence surplus so that it can be auctioned off. In July, Wells Fargo Financial donated the house and property located at 204 North Finley Avenue to the county. At the next court meeting, on Monday, September 22, the county plans to announce an auction date.
The court also approved the final tax rates for the year. Those bills will be mailed out at the end of September or the first of October.

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