Tuesday, September 23, 2014

County government working on multiple education projects

J-E News Editor
Webster County Fiscal Court is currently working on three projects that could potentially effect the future of education for students from Webster County and the surrounding area. But like most government funded projects, first someone has to get the money.

“We’re trying to get some multi-county money from the state,” said Webster County Judge Executive Jim Townsend. “We were told there was none left, but in speaking with Dr. Judy Rhodes, we found out that there was some left and they know how to get it.”
Webster County Fiscal Court and Hopkins County Fiscal Court, who will take the lead in the project, plan to file a grant proposal with the state to request up to a million dollars in local government economic development funds from the Department of Local Government. Those funds will help with the creation of a Murray State University Postsecondary Eduction Center on the campus of Madisonville Community College.
“I think it’s a great program,” said Townsend. “Murray State is a great school, but some people have to work and can’t travel that far to attend classes. The tie with MSU in Madisonville will be great.”
The Fiscal Court is also working to gather funds for a project that would allow any student from Webster County who qualifies for admittance into either Madisonville Community College or Henderson Community College to attend classes at that campus following their graduation from WCHS.
“This would allow any of our students who want to go to college to go ahead and go,” said Townsend. “But we are trying to raise money right now for both of these programs and there is only so much money. We will just have to see what we can get.”
A third project is also currently in the works through Webster County Industrial Development.  This project would allow students at WCHS to earn “double credit” for certain advanced classes. Such classes would count towards their graduation credits, but would also be worth college credits as well.

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