Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Webster County native takes reins of school food service

J-E News Editor
As school districts across the country struggle to provide students with tasty meals that meet rigorous standards set by the USDA, students in Webster County  schools will have the added benefit of having an experienced food service director who graduated from Culinary Arts school.

When food service director Shane Bosaw resigned unexpectedly just prior to the start of the school year, the district called on Webster County native Valerie Knight to fill his shoes.
“I wasn’t looking for this job, but an opportunity presented itself,” Knight said. “I do wish I’d had more time to work with Shane. He was a very good person and he was very sharp at this job.”
Knight said that she had never worked in a school system before, so there has been a lot she has had to learn in a very short time.
“There are so many state and federal regulations,” she said. “I think my education and work with special needs patients at the hospital will help.”
Many people in Webster County will remember Knight as the former owner of OT’s Cafe and catering service in Dixon, which she owned and operated for 11 years.
Knight left her business to pursue a career with Owensboro Health, where she managed the cafeteria at the hospital in Owensboro.
“I don’t want this to be about me,” Knight stressed. “This is about all of these wonderful children. That’s why we’re here. We don’t want anybody to go home hungry. There are so many who really need a good meal, so we try to give it to them.”
Knight credits her staff as well as Sabrina Jewel, the director of food service with Henderson County schools, for helping her get the school year started on the right foot.

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