Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Avoid Identity Theft by Protecting Your Personal Information

Extension Agent
Your Social Security number and mother’s maiden name are usually needed to steal your identity. Among other information you should keep private are your driver’s license number, credit card numbers and birth date. When filling out forms or making a purchase, give only necessary information. Don’t feel bad about leaving blanks if someone asks too much.​

 There are no laws prohibiting businesses or nonprofit organizations from asking for Social Security numbers. However, no law requires you to give your Social Security number to a business or organization. Many supermarkets, other stores and even libraries, will accept your telephone number or some other number instead, if you ask. 
If you have old documents that you have not disposed of because of the fear of identity theft, then now is the time to declutter! Piranha Shredding will be at the Webster County Extension Office on Friday, August 8th to shred and dispose of any old documents you have that you can get rid of. Piranha Shredding will be located in the parking lot of the Webster County Extension Office from 10:00am until 1:00pm. Each individual may bring up to 100 pounds of paper (equivalent to 3 to 4 boxes of copy paper) to be shredded. If the weight is over 100 pounds there will be a fee if you want it to be shredded. 
You are welcome to stay and watch your items be shredded or you can drop them off and leave. We will have free information and goodies to give away, so be sure and gather your documents and bring them to the Webster County Extension Office on Friday, August 8th from 10:00am until 1:00pm!  
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