Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Providence Chamber looking to change course


J-E News Editor

Under the guidance of new president Elizabeth Holloman, the Providence Chamber of Commerce is looking to plot a new course, trying to become a stronger advocate for local businesses.

“We just want to support our local businesses and grow as a community,” Holloman said. “We would like to start working with our city government to try and encourage businesses to locate here.”
Holloman, who served as vice president of the chamber of several years, assumed the leadership role last year following the resignation of president Sue Loux in August. Since then she and the other newly appointed officers have sought to update the way the chamber has done businesses.
She has been working with Madisonville-Hopkins County Chamber President Lee Lingo since taking office. Holloman said that Lingo has been a very good mentor, offering advice on how to steer the Providence Chamber in the right direction.
Since the new officers came on board in January, those who attend the monthly chamber luncheon have received more in depth financial reports, meeting agendas and a yearly calendar of events. She said the officers are also proud of the job they’ve done providing networking opportunities and informative guest speakers at the luncheon, held the second Thursday of every month at the Providence Community Center starting at noon.
The officers are also working hard on a book of chamber bylaws, which will include rules and guidelines to govern how the organization works. If such a handbook ever existed, the current officers have never seen it.
This month the chamber has also unveiled a Business of the Month award. The award comes with a sign the business can display in their building, and an ad that is placed in The Journal-Enterprise.
Thrifty Pharmacy, owned by Tom and Paula Glover, was named the very first Business of the Month at the most recent chamber luncheon. Thrifty has been in business since 1976, and offers home delivery to residents of Providence, Clay and Dixon.